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Fusahiro Membership


The "Fusatomo Membership" is a membership program that allows sword smith Fusatomo Shimojima to share the future of Japanese swords and his current projects from the stage of conception, which cannot yet be made public.

① (1) Exchange meetings with swordsmiths (once a month)
② Sword Appreciation
③ Japanese Sword Forging Experience
④ Online social networking
⑤ Buy "Fusahiro" Japanese Sword



Membership Details

Social events with swordsmiths (once a month)

  • In Tokyo (Dinner [extra charge])
  • Charcoal cutting tour (followed by dinner [extra charge])
  • Shime-Nawa Tour (followed by dinner [extra charge])
  • Disciple Experience Tour (followed by a dinner [extra charge])
    *Care of sword forging tools, cleaning of forge

[Lunch at Yasukuni Shrine after visiting the shrine]

・Twice a year (spring and fall)
・Cost: No charge for worship
Official participation material (one person: ¥1000)
Yushukan (Adult ¥1,000)
Lunch (approx. ¥2000)

・Hours: 10:00-16:00
(Late lunch & social gathering: 14:00-15:45)

② Sword Appreciation

Experience "Japanese Sword Appreciation Techniques" by a sword smith

③ Japanese Sword Forging Experience

・Twice a year in spring and fall
・Cost: ¥33,000
・Dinner with a sword smith after the hands-on training session
(*You can take pictures and post them on social networking sites)

4) Online social networking

・About once every two weeks

1:Introduction of the swordsmith:How to become a sword smith
2:A story about my training days
3:What is a Japanese sword?
4:Talking about the work of a sword smith
5:Question and answer session

5) Purchase of "Fusahiro" Japanese Sword

Japanese Sword

*Swords can be produced
(e.g. daggers, wakizashi, swords, spears, naginata...)


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