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Japanese swords are a world-class traditional craft that has been handed down from ancient times.


The sword is essentially a sacred object held by the gods.

And in the long history of Japan, the Japanese sword was born to protect oneself and one's loved ones.

It still exists today as a guardian sword to refine one's spirit and to be passed down from generation to generation, as well as an art craft.

The swordsmith puts his whole heart and soul into creating a sword for its owner.

About Japanese Swords



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You can consult directly with a sword smith and have a full custom order made and launched just for you. We also provide aftercare including maintenance after purchase. 

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Our Artisans

Other Artisans

Japanese sword making requires the help of craftsmen other than swordsmiths. You can see various craftsmen such as sharpeners, engravers, sheath makers, and lacquers.

About other artisans

Japanese sword production process

Here, we try to explain the process of making a Japanese sword as clearly as possible.  

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Membership system


The "Japanese Sword Membership" is a membership that allows members to share the future of Japanese culture and the projects they are currently working on, from the stage of conception, which cannot yet be made public.

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