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【Swordsmith】Fusahiro Shimojima

Fusahiro's passion for swordsmithing as a modern swordsmith

There are many processes involved in the making of a Japanese sword, and it takes a lot of time and effort. In this day and age, they are often seen as weapons, but we believe that they were originally meant to "protect" as a spiritual stronghold.

My main intention is to make a good luck charm sword that can be passed down from generation to generation as a mirror to reflect oneself, a reminder and an item to improve oneself.

In order to reward these people, I will devote myself to creating better Japanese swords, and I will do so with my whole heart and soul, without allowing any compromise.

The work of a sword smith is a never-ending process of acquiring skills. I intend to devote my life to polishing my skills.


Name   Hiroshi Shimojima
Born in 1974
Birthplace Nerima-ku, Tokyo

Date of approval of sword making

April 1998 Received approval from the Agency for Cultural Affairs for approval of sword making.

Name of swordsmith

Fusahiro Shimojima


On the occasion of being granted kaiden by Master Kanefusa Fujiwara XXV, he was given the character for "房 (fusa)" and named after him.

History of swordsmithing

1993 Graduated from Kawagoe Senior High School attached to Josai University
Apprenticed to Master Kanefusa Fujiwara XXV in Seki-shi, Gifu Prefecture.
Engaged in Japanese sword forging and sword carving.
1998 Received approval from the Agency for Cultural Affairs for approval of sword making.
2000 New Works of Knives Exhibition First Production First Selection
Training Course on Forge Sharpening" held at The Society for Preservation of Art Swords Completion of trainees
Practical Training Course in Sword Making Techniques" held at the Association for Preservation of Art Swords Trainee Completion
2001 Selected for the New Works Exhibition
2002 Established his own swordsmith shop in Kamikawa-cho, Kodama-gun, Saitama Prefecture.
"Training Course on Forge Sharpening" held at The Society for Preservation of Art Swords Completion of special trainee
2003 Practical training session on sword making techniques held at the Association for Preservation of Art Swords Completion of special trainee
Served at Yasukuni Shrine's "Bellows Festival Dedication Training" at the request of the shrine
2004 Demonstrated at the Yasukuni Shrine Special Exhibition New Year's Sword Exhibition and every year since
Selected for the New Works Exhibition
Inauguration of the secretary of the All Japan Knifemakers Association
2005 Selected for the New Works Exhibition
2006 Selected for the New Works Exhibition
2008 Appointed treasurer of the All Japan Sword Artisans' Association Kanto Regional Branch
2010 Vice President of the Kanto Branch of the All Japan Bladesmiths Association was appointed
All Japan Knivesmiths Association Board of Directors inaugurated
2013 All Japan Knivesmiths Association (AJKA) Executive Council inaugurated (as of 2018)

The goals of swordsmiths and schools

Mino Den、Based on Soshu-den, the goal is to create a style that is similar to Minamoto-no-Kiyomaro and Shizu.

・Registered in "gettyimages" as a sword smith.


・Appeared in a commercial for Sankyu Corporation, sponsor of the Dubai World Expo.


・He has conducted employee training programs for SONY Corporation, SUBARU Corporation, Fujifilm Corporation, and other companies to convey the origins of manufacturing and courses to convey the spirituality and significance of the Japanese sword.


・The work will be dedicated and exhibited at the New Year's Sword Exhibition at Yasukuni Shrine every year.


・Event at Palace Hotel Tokyo


・Volunteer name-cutting at the Tokyo Red Cross Blood Center.


・As an inbound business, the company offers foreign tourists the opportunity to observe the making of Japanese swords.


・NHK(Adult examinations)、TBS(He has appeared on many TV programs, including "Mezamashi TV" and "Asa Chan".

・Numerous magazine interviews, including Mono Magazine and Craftletter.

We are engaged in activities to spread the charm of Japanese swords and traditional culture in the modern age. As a sword smith, I believe in conveying the message not only in an easy-to-understand way, but also in an interesting way.


Access to Fusahiro Japanese Sword Forge

By car:Exit at the Honjo Kodama Interchange on the Kanetsu Expressway, take the "Kodama Direction Exit" on the left side, take Route 462, turn right at the "Yoshida Hayashi" signal intersection, and turn right on Route 254 at the pedestrian crossing without signal in front of "Yamada Udon". The training area is located on the left side of the road about 100 meters ahead.

By train:
Please take a cab from Jinbohara Station on the JR Takasaki Line.
Please take a cab from Tanjo Station on the JR Hachiko Line.

※It is about 1.5 km from Tanzou Station, but the Takasaki Line has more trains and is more convenient.

1154-3, Oaza Moto-Abo, Kamikawa-cho, Kodama-gun, Saitama, Japan

Zoom Fusahiro Membership

Fusahiro Membership


The "Fusatomo Membership" is a membership program that allows sword smith Fusatomo Shimojima to share the future of Japanese swords and his current projects from the stage of conception, which cannot yet be made public.

① (1) Exchange meetings with swordsmiths (once a month)
② Sword Appreciation
③ Japanese Sword Forging Experience
④ Online social networking
⑤ Buy "Fusahiro" Japanese Sword



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